Functional and Beautiful



Velvet Atelier Design was born In Orange County, CA and was created to showcase a vast library of graphic art created during the past decade. A slow-cooking creation process came to fruition and beautiful art inspired by nature, abstract forms, history and geometry came to life. Each design is now impressed and available on products that will capture both, the functional aspect of design and visual beauty. 

Velvet Atelier Design is coming out the volt to the market and offers a variety of amazing products, which are carefully curated into collections, such as, Pillows, Blankets, Art prints, and more. Each item is available in multiple sizes and color choices.

Additionally, Custom color services are offered on any of our products. This means that any product in our collections can be customized to match any color on the wheel. For this, a contact form can be filled up with your request on any product and color customization you may need. This service is currently complimentary for a limited time. To fill up this form or for questions, please click here